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Playing Golf

Driving Basics
by Brian Hall and Steve Radcliffe

A lot of high handicap golfers can't actually use a driver.

There are several reasons for this, the main one is they use too little loft. With male golfers it's a macho thing, they don't want to use a 12 degree driver because it's "a bit girlie". So the macho thing is to go for an 8 degree or 9 degree loft where they can't actually get the ball in the air and they put too much side spin on it.

This is just one of those times when the golfer has to basically bite the bullet and he has to go for more loft. Why is his three wood good off the tee? Because it's got more loft.

So a lot of golfers should actually change to using a 12 degree driver which would give them more carry, less side spin and then they would hit better shots. Many weaker and older people who can't create fast club head speed need to go for more loft because they can't actually create the spin that the faster swinging players and stronger players can. This is why the more lofted clubs can actually help them out.

So, if you're someone who only hits the golf ball 180 yards to 200 yards off the tee and have trouble with the driver, get yourself a 12 driver with a little bit softer tipped shaft in it. Hitting the golf ball with that will give you more carry on your drive.

It's not a macho thing when you're actually driving it down the middle and you knock it 30 yards past your playing partner. If he starts laughing at you because you've got a 12 driver, you just take the money off him and start laughing back at him! © Copyright 2005 Tigerwolf Limited and Brian Hall

About the author

Brian Hall is a PGA Pro Teacher with over 25 years teaching experience. He is also co-author and resident teaching pro of the Simple Golf Made Easy e-course. For full details see Download a FREE excerpt from the course at


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