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Generate Power At Setup
by Kyle Hallberg and David Nevogt

It's a fact! All want more power and distance. Whether you hit the ball 200 or 300 yards adding an extra 10-15 yards to your driver gives any player confidence, and a distinct advantage over the competition.

The majority of instruction that we deliver is based upon customer feedback. Customers email us consistently with a breakdown of distance per club. They also provide where they would like to get to; usually 10-15 yards increase off the tee and on their approach shots.

The following tip is suggested to players who want an easy to implement way to generate extra distance off the tee. I don't recommend this set-up from the fairway or around the green, but should give you and extra 10-15 yards off the tee. In the full swing DVD we gave you a section that focused on the driver, but as we all know there is more to learn. We are in the process of creating an entire DVD on the driver and successfully getting off the tee. But until then here is a tip that will help you add extra distance off the tee!

The following is a simple breakdown including different ways that power and distance is generated in our golf swing (I want you to understand what generates power):

Solid Ball Contact: Not on heel or toe.

Hand Rotation through the impact zone.

Weight shift through the ball.

Follow-Through position: This is more of a check point. Club face up at follow-through = less power. Club face down at follow-through = more power.

The Problem

Lack of distance off the tee.

The Solution

I am going to teach you a modified set-up that will allow for maximum power generation. Typically players that have a slight draw generate more distance than players that hit a fade, so this set-up will put you in a position to hit a draw. This is also true for players on the tour (other than Tiger who can hit a 320 yard high fade). The following are steps to modify your set-up in order to allow for maximum distance:

Go through your normal set-up routine. Always remember to bend at the hips and not the stomach or waist. Please go here for a refresher on the setup -

Close your stance: Move your trailing foot back so that the toes are parallel to the middle of your leading foot.

Put a little more weight on your front foot: Instead of 50/50 you'll have 60% on your leading leg and 40% of your weight on your trailing leg. Essentially you'll almost be leaning a little forward at set-up.

Knee bend stays the same and then simply take your normal swing, focusing on really shifting your weight and otating your hands through the impact zone. (We do advise you to shift your weight forward through the ball, but we DO NOT advise a weight shift back and away from the ball in your backswing.)

These modifications place your body in a very powerful position at set-up.

Again please only implement this set-up off the tee. You can try it with your irons on the practice range, and if you see amazing results then play around with it on the course, but please don't change your entire set-up for the irons.

About the author

Kyle Hallberg and David Nevogt write golf instruction material that helps golfers of all levels reach their full potential and lower their scores. David is the author of "The Simple Golf Swing" which guarantees to have you shooting 7 strokes lower in only 1 week from today. You can find more of his golf instruction by going to


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