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Secrets Of Golfs Longest Hitter
by John Anghelache

Would you like to discover the secrets of golf's longest hitter? If so, read on...

Over 31 years ago, 64-year-old, Mike Austin set the Guinness Book World Record for "longest drive in competition" by driving a golf ball 515-yards.

No one in the history of the game has come within a football field of this amazing record.

Just to prove to you the statement above is true check out these top drives of some of today's hottest golf pro's:

Jason Zuback averages 355 to 375 yards. Tiger Woods averages 300 to 330 yards. John Daly hit a 414 yard drive. Sean "The Beast" Fister nailed a 406 yard shot.

By the way, Tiger Woods did crush one 412 yards... but... it was during a practice round. And Tiger's drive is 103 yards short of Austin's world record. Despite the fact Tiger is in his prime and Austin was an "old" man of 64 when he set his record.

Anyway, golf insiders have speculated why Austin was able to hit the ball so darn far. The fact is he used four simple swing secrets anyone can learn.

Swing Secret #1: The Forward Press This is how Austin would start his swing. The forward press gets the body into motion and initiates the backswing. All of which builds the power for monster drives.

Swing Secret #2: The Compound Pivot Harnesses your body's natural strength from a simple 8" shift in your center of gravity.

Swing Secret #3: The Hands And Arms Sets the club on plane and keeps it there for distance and pinpoint accuracy.

Swing Secret #4: The Release Modern golf instructors teach that delaying the release is proper form. Nothing could be further from the truth. The major secret to massive power is the release. Because it takes advantage of gravity so you get a running start at the ball.

Austin's four power swing secrets landed him in the Gunniess Book of World Records.

They do take a little bit of practice... but... once you get them down your game is going to change forever.

Hit 'Em Long.

About the author

John Anghelache is a golf researcher and writer. You can find out more about golf's longest hitter and his power swing secrets at...


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