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Does Tiger Woods Have an UNFAIR Advantage
by Rich Douglas

Why does Tiger seem to have an UNFAIR advantage? Is it because he can hit the ball farther. Is it his ability to sink putts in clutch situations? Is it his sharp short game?

The truth is there are times he does ALL these things to near perfection but for the most part, he seems to have something else going for him. Something that's hard to define or describe. It's not luck or chance and I'm sure if you asked Tiger, he may have a difficult time describing or putting it into words.

Even when he's not striking the ball to the best of his ability he's able to maintain an inner confidence that he can still win. He knows his real strength is not his ball striking ability but his belief that if he isn't optimum in the physical sense, his mental golf game is.

I remember earlier in Tiger's career, when approached after a round he would say " I didn't have my "A" game today.

You generally got the sense that the other pro golfers were a little peeved with his cockiness. It appeared as though he was belittling his performance which was already the best in the field and in doing so, belittling the rest of the field.

What he was actually doing was rating only the physical performance. What he failed to mention was that his mental golf game was just fine, thank you very much.

If I'm to attempt at defining what Tiger seems to have more of , Its control over his subconscious mind. Through greater control and harmony of his non conscious thoughts with his will or conscious thoughts, he is able to execute successfully with greater frequency.

It's easier to understand how they can be at odds with one another when you consider that our brains process on average 60,000 thoughts daily. To think we interpret all of these thoughts positively is both naive and unrealistic. There's just far to much we expose ourselves to that we have no control over.

So I know I haven't answered your big question yet. If that's the case then How does Tiger do it?

He practices his MENTAL GOLF GAME. He influences and feeds his non conscious mind with the right mindset and thoughts. He's able to convert this to positive visualization power that he has conditioned his mind to have more of than the rest of the pack.

I'm sure Tiger would have a difficult time exacting what percent of his success he attributes to his mental game, but he knows one thing for certain, it's enough to make the difference.

Chances are if you're like most die hard golfers, you've probably spent a small fortune on equipment to improve. But how much have you spent on YOUR MENTAL GOLF GAME?

About the author

Rich Douglas is a self improvement newsletter columnist and the creator of an amazing software program that will recondition your mind to positively impact over 31 key areas in your life. His simple as pie approach means it works unobtrusively while you're in front of your computer, working, surfing, typing or playing a game. Click Here Now ==>


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