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Playing Golf

Feel Of Good Golf
by Jose L. Gonzalez

You've heard it said dozens of times. Golf is a game of "feel". You just know instinctively when somethings right or wrong for you.

It sounds a little confusing, doesnt it? Lets try to take that vague feeling and put it into words and action.

First off, lets address the technique of swinging with all your might. If you swing really hard, then you cant get the feel of a correctly hit ball and your muscles dont learn the feel of correct balance. When players have the feel of the shot, their muscles and sense of touch are tuned in to the correct gauge and balance and they just know they can hit the ball.

When you want to lunge at the ball, your power should be developed by twisting your body. If you learn this, it wont take 3 or 4 years before youre hitting the ball a good distance. When you keep failing with a certain shot, just stop and think what youre doing, what youre trying to accomplish. Dont try any certain method unless you have a definite purpose for using it.

Always remember the basics. Think in your mind how it feels to prepare properly for a shot.

One important point is that its not necessary to feel the power during the stroke. You want to swing easily. Its the energy thats transferred to the ball that counts. Get rid of every little detail that destroys your balance and youll get on the right track. Cut out everything thats not comfortable. Your ability to keep your balance and be comfortable is the measure of the amount of power you can use successfully. Many players lift their heads at the last instant. This doesnt add power to the stroke. It actually takes power away from it.

It may sound tricky but you really want to be as comfortable as possible while playing a game and to do things as easily, flexibly and fluidly as possible. Much of this comfortability is purely mental.

Make sure you keep your eye on the ball while youre moving. Thats what counts. When youre doing things comfortably your strength is being properly applied.

The second you brace your muscles, youre moving away from the correct way of playing. If you want to see if your method is right, check your comfortability level. If you get better results with your own method then follow your own method and dont try to imitate someone else. If you want to learn from someone, ask them why theyre swinging in a certain way and if you can learn the reason then you can apply the knowledge in your own way. Just trying to imitate someone elses swing doesnt benefit you.

Over time, youll acquire the ability to know what shot feels right, what club feels best, what decision you should make. Thats the feel. The instinct. The touch of greatness!

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