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Playing Golf

Psychology and Pressure in Golf
by Jerry Newham

Because a round of golf takes several hours to complete, there is ample time for the players mental state to have a great effect on his or her performance. Many higher handicap golfers never produce a game when a card and pencil are involved, that in any when resembles their play when matched against a friend. The pressure of having to record a score that might prove embarrassing causes a tension capable of shattering a poor method but also reducing a good swinger to a nervous state that his true game doesn't materialise.

Mental pressure plays a great part in the game of golf and affects people in different ways. Some react well to it, putting an edge on their game. On the other hand, and this applies to the majority of golfers, many good players simply "seize-up" the moment they have a card and pencil in their pocket. It is reassuring to learn that every golfer, whatever his or her level of competence is subjected to pressure.

Learn to relax, take in deep breaths and breath out slowly. Focus on your routine that you have practiced many times on the range. Always play within yourself. Never play a shot you haven't practiced.

Most of all enjoy your golf and take what comes.

About the author

Jerry Newham is one of Europe's best golf coaches. Thousands of pupils each year take golf lessons at his indoor golf academy in Sussex, UK in order to learn the ultimate way to swing. Jerry is also star of the new golf instructional DVD, The Swingmakers.


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