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Golf Putting Tips

Reading The Greens Like a Pro
Have you ever had to face the situation where you hit a ball you thought was rolling in only to see it move widely to the right? Chances are that you misunderstood the green if this has happened. Experience, sound judgment and skill are required for proper reading of the greens; so teaches my golf lessons. ... Read More
Speed and Break Tips While Putting
As you already know, the act of putting is a series of combined efforts. From getting the right stance to following through properly, putting is an entire series of techniques and flow, and they all have to come together in order to sink that ball. But there are two areas in putting that have almost nothing to do with the mechanics of putting, and, yet, they are crucial to keeping your putting strokes down. They are: judging speed and estimating the break.... Read More
Tips For Sinking A Downhill Putt
For me, downhill putts are scary putts. Ot at least they were until I learned a few tricks to put the brakes on those little devils. This is what I do and maybe it will help you as well. Stand next to your ball and make several practice strokes as you normally do. Keep stroking until your mind's eye sees the perfect length and rhythm for your stroke. This is something that you will 'feel' as much as you will 'know'. Once this perfect stroke has registered in your subconscious... Read More
Putting Practice 101
The easiest way to build confidence in your abilities is to putt well. Every time you save a stroke, your confidence increases. Putting does take skill and practice, however it is the simplest part of the game to master. Anyone can be a great putter, it just takes practice. Unfortunately, most players don't practice this part of their game. Here is a simple drill to help you improve your putting.... Read More
To Get Good At Golf You Need Putting Confidence
Putting is the maker or breaker of your game and all it requires is some basic confidence and technique! The trouble with putting for most golfers is confidence! Putting was so easy when we were young as we gave ourselves no barriers to tell us different...Now as we get older and make more putts (mainly bad ones) we create false barriers which make us believe that putting is harder than what it really is! The truth is, putting is very simple as long as you don't over complicate it in your mind!... Read More
Is There Any Cure For Golf Putting Problems
It is perhaps the supreme irony in golf that the simplest shot in the book seems to cause the biggest problem to the largest number of golfers. Let's face it, the putt is the only golf shot that it is really possible to execute flawlessly without any tuition at all. We all start off doing this as kids. Some of us are even superb at it at this young age. It is this shot that is often the spur that leads to a lifelong addiction to this wonderful game of golf. What then, goes wrong?... Read More
How to Reduce the Chances of 3 Putts on a Hole
Practice these steps in order to reduce the chances of 3 putts on a hole and missing very short putts less than two feet in length: If you are missing the hole to the right or left, opening or closing the face of the putter head at impact, you need to get the putter swinging straight back and forth on short putts. Pick a flat spot on your practice green and line up some quarters ... Read More
Pro Golfing-Putting
Right now you're probably thinking how you can change your putting techniques to get ahead in your golf career. Putting is probably one of the most important techniques, without which you can't really expect to march ahead in your golf career. Putting is also a technique that sets apart a very good golfer from a pack of ordinary golfers. There are several putting techniques suggested by golf experts and you can learn these techniques with a bit consistent practice. ... Read More
Basics Of The Game-Putting
Putting is an essential, if not the most important, factor in playing golf. This is where the game is decided. Nerves of steel and lots of practice are needed to master the art of putting. Even professional golfers feel the pressure when it's time to putt and the game is on the line. Here are some tips to learn and improve on your putting. First thing to do would be to take practice strokes next to the golf ball... Read More
Basic Strategies To Proper Putting
The average golfer could easily make up 10 strokes a ROUND by putting properly. This one point makes proper putting perhaps the most important part of any player's game. And since most of us are not able to get onto the links anyway because of the winter weather, putting is something you can practice at home. There's an old adage that the game of golf should be learned from the green back to the tee.... Read More
Learn To Putt And Keep Strokes In Your Bag
If you're just learning or taking up the game of golf, here's the one tip that will lower your scores faster than any other tip on golf - putting. That's right. Putting. No putting isn't the sexy thing to do around the practice tee. It's doesn't draw a crowd around you like bombing 300 yard drives does, but putting is where you can immediately shave strokes off your golf game.... Read More
Putting-The Secret To Shaving Strokes
My friend and I were having coffee the other day and he was whining about how his game has become stale. He really believes he's reached a plateau where there are no more strokes to be gained during a round of golf. He was depressed, to say the least, but he was also wrong. My buddy is no Sam Snead (and neither am I) but he's a solid player.... Read More
Tips to improve your putting
If you are seriously considering lowering your scores, then you must take your putting seriously, as roughly half the strokes you play in a round of golf are likely to be on the putting green. However good you are at driving, pitching and chipping, if your putting is not up to standard, you will never make the next level. My Dad told me the famous quote when I was probably about 12 or 13, 'Drive for show putt for dough', this says it all! That is why it is quite incredible that putting is not often concentrated on.... Read More
Putting Practice Tips
To begin golf game, your golf practice game or your golf putting practice; study the art of keeping your eye on the golf ball. When putting it seems to be just natural to let your eyes follow the backswing. To correct this you might turn the golf ball until the brand is on top. Then just keep your eyes on that. When putting, think of the golf swing as a pendulum and... Read More
Putting and My Aching Back
I am guessing that all of us can relate to the title of this article. I am sure you have bent over for that 4 footer (can't give you that 4 footer, sorry), and felt that lower back feel tired, sore, painful or tight. Regardless of what the word is, you feel it! I also am guessing that some of you have changed to belly putters for the reason that your back hurts when you putt! Even if you are one of those players that has switched to a belly putter because of back pain, that pain is an indicator of something else going on within the body.... Read More
The Art Of Putting
The majority of the game of golf is putting - pure and simple. It looks so easy - rolling that little ball into a nearby hole. But mastering the skill has threatened many a golfer's sanity. Here are a few tips to help improve your putting skills: Use just one ball when you practice your putting. This is closer to what a real game is like. You tend to concentrate better... Read More
Putting what do I do now
It is perhaps the supreme irony in golf that the simplest shot in the book seems to cause the biggest problem to the largest number of golfers. Lets's face it, the putt is the only golf shot that it is really possible to execute flawlessly without any tuition at all. We all start off doing this as kids. Some of us are even superb at it at this young age. It is this shot that is often the spur that leads to a lifelong addiction to this wonderful game of golf. ... Read More
Simple Ways to Groove Your Stroke
Golf is a game filled with exasperating contradictions. All golfers understand that the game requires concentration, but not over-thinking, a strong focus, yet the ability to see the "big picture," and a rigid routine, but one which allows for creativity. As Bob Hope once remarked, "If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf."... Read More
How To Putt-Back To Basics
The average golfer's tendency, when putting, is to use too much of their wrists and arms, thus breaking down their wrists through the putt. No! No!! NO!!!! DO NOT BREAK YOUR WRISTS!! First it hurts (ok, couldn't resist), second, you LOSE CONTROL!!! To become a great putter, the perfect combination of shoulders and arms should be used throughout the putt.... Read More
How To Putt-Plumb Bobbing
The rule of thumb when judging a break, and the size of the break, is to use plumb bobbing. Yes, that's a real word ( or words!) First, you need to find your dominant eye. Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger, and with both eyes open, place an object in the middle (i.e. a lamp, a flag, a picture, etc). Now alternately close the left eye, and the right. Whichever eye "keeps" the object in the middle is your dominant eye.... Read More

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