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Golf Short Game Tips

How To Put Backspin on a Ball
We all love it when we hit that shot that draws back quickly 5-10 feet after landing like it was on a string, right?
Chipping Your Ticket to Par
Scoring in golf can sometimes be about cutting your loses. Nothing can save you more strokes than your short game.
The Quickest and Easiest Way to Draw the Ball
I'll tell you right now... this is going to be painless, contrary to what you may think. I'll start with a single definition.
The 7-Wood As The Best Field Wood
Of all the clubs in your golf bad, you may have overlooked the potential for the seven-wood.
The One Chipping Tip Every Golfer Should Know
Everyone who plays golf has at one time or another faced their own bugaboo type shot. The shot they either fear or wish
Tips For A Well Executed Chip Shot
If you've played golf for any length of time at all, you know that chip shots are one of the most important shots
Pitch Shot-Simple 3 x 3 Matrix
You have been forced to lay up on a long par four, but due to an unlucky bounce you have been left with
How To Strengthen The Weak Areas Of Your Golf Game
There are basically two main areas on which you may need to spend some extra time, or that you might enroll
The Chip And Run Shot Techniques
Many golfers use the "chip and run" as regular part of their game; and those who don't have at least seen others do it.
Keep Your Eye On The Ball-Improve Your Golf Score
You hear this mantra in every sport - keep your eye on the ball! It's a perfect chant for the golf player at every turn.
Backspin Advice
Honestly, the first thing that you need to realize about creating backspin is that it's a very tough shot
The Cure for a Fat Shot
This problem may be easier to fix than you think. You may not realize it, but your back shoulder may be dipping
The 5 Keys to a Highly Effective golf pre shot routine
What I'm about to disclose to you in this article is an easy to follow, 'Step-By-Step' formula to having a highly effective
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