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Accuracy Not Power Is The Key To A Better Golf Swing
by Tim Gorman

As an avid golfer I truly enjoy all aspects of the game but for me the most difficult time comes right before my driver smacks the golf ball. Unfortunately I suffer from a problem of wanting to hit the golf ball as hard as possible in order to send it down the fairway. What I've discovered is although this technique may help me relieve a little bit of stress built up throughout the week; it does absolutely nothing remotely good for my golf game or score. In fact quite the opposite is true. The harder I hit the golf ball the higher my golf score is at the end of a round and even worse I have less control on where I want my golf ball to land. I quickly come to realize that hitting a golf ball without trying to rip the cover off the ball actually improves my game.

The key to a good golf game begins with your driving skills and swinging of the club. If you want to steadily improve your game and lower your score then you need to ease off the power strokes and instead concentrate on a more natural and accurate swing. True a powerful swing does look impressive but not when you send your golf ball onto the next fairway thereby losing any chance of achieving a par on your current hole.

The best way to drive for accuracy is to avoid swinging the golf club as hard as you can. Instead concentrate on relaxing and focusing on striking the golf ball. This simple technique will allow you to reduce your power but won't diminish the distance the ball goes once struck by your driver. One crucial thing you must avoid as you focus on hitting your golf ball is the tendency to tense up. Doing so won't allow you to accurately drive your ball with your stroke. One thing you may want to do is try various ways of positioning your feet. This can also add or decrease to your power and allow you to control where your golf ball lands after hitting it with your golf club.

Ask anyone that golf's on a regular basis and they will also tell you that staying put once you position your feet will help in your driving distance. Just like a boxer, your center of gravity must be stable. This keeps your body from head to toe properly aligned allowing for a better golf swing. An important tip here is to keep your weight evenly positioned and fully supported by your feet. This prevents any adverse body jerking which destroys your focus and causes your head to move thus taking your eyes off the golf ball you're about to hit.

By following the methods mentioned above you'll find that you golf club will travel in a relatively straight line allowing the club head to strike the golf ball with an enormous force without all of the intentional power that causes you to throw your balance out of whack.

Slicing is another problem that plagues many golfers. The key to avoiding it is to hit the golf ball directly in the center of your club head and with a low trajectory. This keeps the golf ball from going to the far right or left where it usually ends of leaving the fairway and going into what's commonly referred to as the rough.

So what's the moral of this article? The reality is a golf ball will travel further once hit by a correct swing from a focused golfer as opposed to a pure power swing. Simply put you should only be concerned with using the amount of power that allows you to effectively control where to send the golf ball.

About the author

Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of He provides more golf swing tips, putting tips and more information on achieving a better golf swing that you can research in your pajamas on his website.

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