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How To Improve Your Golf Swing Timing
by Dean R. Iggo

One of the most important factors in building a repeatable and reliable swing on the golf course is golf swing timing. In fact, it is the timing of the golf swing that makes quiet necessary for golfers to concentrate. Even with the instruction and tips you may receive, golf fitness is actually a big part of obtaining good golf swing timing.

Just Like Any Other Sport

Most every pro athlete and even most that play sports recreationally have exercise worked into their training. The idea of the exercise is to help their bodies to perform exactly as they want it to when it comes time to perform in competition. A golf swing is just as demanding as a baseball swing or a jump shot, yet many beginning golfers don't exercise or train for their golf swing timing.

Professionals spend a lot of time honing their golf swing and its timing through exercise and training, and you can see that they obtain a repeatable swing with perfect timing and cadence. You too can improve your golf swing timing, but not by sitting on the sofa watching golf on television.

How Did it End Up This Way?

The lack of golf fitness in amateurs is not a new situation. Golf has, in many circles, always been seen as a leisure game. The word "leisure" tends to imply that no training or preparation is needed. This perception has led to many an amateur with poor timing or nagging injuries that could have been easily prevented.

What to Do

If you notice that you cannot get good golf swing timing and thus are stuck at a point where you don't seem to be improving, you may need to work on your golf fitness. You don't necessarily need to run out and get an expensive gym membership and personal trainer. Instead, consult your golf coach and ask about exercises you can do.

Many of the exercises can, in fact, be done in a couple of minutes right in your office or living room.

Good golf swing timing is essential to honing a repeatable swing. To get there, though, you need to attain at least moderate golf fitness. There are some great books and resources available online for teaching you how to improve your fitness and hence your timing.

Check out my website below for some great golf fitness and swing timing tips, you'll be slashing your golf score in no time!

About the author

Dean R. Iggo is a golf enthusiast with a single figure handicap. He is also the webmaster of a website providing unbiased golf swing tips, articles and <a href="" target="_blank">golf swing aids</a>.


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