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Playing Golf

Swing Your Way To Golf Perfection
by Peggy Butler

Golf is the worst drug in the world. You just keep coming back for more embarrassment - Deacon Jones, legendary NFL player.

Before you can swing a golf club, you must first be attached to it. Hence, I've been taught to attach the club as part of the swing. One of the grips I use is the overlapping natural grip.

Step 1. To grip the club, place one hand on the club at a time, beginning with your target hand (the one nearest the target). The club face should be facing the target. Place your target hand on the club, the back of your hand facing the target. Position the club grip diagonally across your palm and to the rear side of the club. Looking down at your grip, you should see two knuckles. There should be a V formed by your index finger and thumb, pointing just to the rear side of your chin, which matches the V of your target hand. Now if your fingers and thumbs are all over the place, that means you're not interested in improving your swing, or I give lousy instructions, which I've been accused of, but this time I'm on the mark.

Step 2. Lower the club (bowing). The club should be aligned behind the ball in a position square to the target. To take this position with either an iron or a wood, grip the club in both hands. Stand erect with your feet comfortably apart. Extend your arms, allowing them to rest lightly on your chest. Keeping your back straight, bow from the hips to a point where the club touched the ground behind the wall. For woods and irons, play the ball one inch off the heel of your target foot. The position of the clubface when it is resting behind the ball is referred to as the club alignment.

For almost all shots in golf, the clubhead should be perpendicular (upright) to the target line, the desired line of the flight of the ball. As one becomes more advanced, you may wish to vary this position. It is also very important that the club is resting flat on the ground. Every club has a relatively flat bottom surface (sole), designed to rest on the ground. Be sure your club face is both squat to the target and that the club's sole is resting flat on the ground.

After following these instructions, you should be playing well enough to give your golfing pal, who insists that he is the next Arnold Palmer, a run for his money. And with that said, would any of you amateurs care to meet me on the golf range?

About the author

Peggy Butler is a freelance writer based in North Central Florida. She has written for various magazines and Internet publications including, TimBook Tu, and Emerging Minds (a popular ezine based in Atlanta).

Moreover, Butler who lists collecting 60s memorabilia among her hobbies, writes news, features, sports and entertainment articles, as well as commentaries and humor pieces. Currently, she is a contributor for and a expert author for

Visit her website at


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