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What Makes A Great Golf Swing
by Reggie Dunn

Think about the following questions. What makes a good golf swing and why are some people able to do it while others cannot? The major part of the answer lies in how you engage yourself off the golf course. It may surprise you to know what a little effort it can take to bring your golf swing to the next stage. What follows now are some easy to do tips that are sure to improve your golf swing and make you score big time. They could show the dissimilarity between shooting three digits and shooting in the 90s or for that matter, even 80s.

1. Do warm up exercises to stretch your muscles before you go off to tee

In case you have been to a live pro golf event, you will know that the golfers do not just make an arrival at the course and then run off to the tee box. On the contrary they head off to the driving range, stretch for sometime and then hit some balls. We know that warming up positively effects your body and you do better at your golf swing. You will thank yourself if you make it a point to reach the golf course a little earlier, relax your muscles and take a few swings.

2. At times when you are off the course exercise your golfing muscles

You need to carve out a simple workout routine for the muscles utilized during your golf swing so that you become a good player. You can expect a huge impact on your game if you get into the habit of doing this even 10 minutes every day.

3. Don't swing for the fences just yet

It is a known fact that for good golf you absolutely need to have mental strength and holding back the temptation to give your swing the extra push is a difficult task. But the truth is you must have that control to have a good golf swing. If you can successfully control it then giving that little extra is great. But if you cannot, perhaps you will never lay your eyes on that ball again. The thing that you need to understand is that you can uniformly hit the ball more than 200 yards with a good, smooth and controlled swing.

4. Take suggestions from the veterans

In contemporary times you do not need to pay exorbitant amounts for a personal golf instructor to help you out with the game. At a negligible cost you can get your hands on plenty of good golf instruction material available through the web. When managing your deficiencies, internet-based golf lessons can be really fruitful.

About the author

Reggie Dunn is a long time golf player and lover of the game. Get more information about golf at his blog, which can be found at golf swing


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