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Golf Trouble Shot Tips


How to Get out of a Bunker with a Buried Lie
This could really help you out in a situation where a buried lie could potentially add a few unneeded strokes to your round.
How Good Are You In The Sand
Think about it, if you could convert 5 out of 10 attempts from a normal lie in the trap, how many strokes could
Practicing Golf Trouble Shots
A lot of times on the golf course you will find that you are not in the middle of the fairway, or not in the fairway at all.
Top Golf Tips For Beating The Bunker
When a golfer ends up in the bunker, you can usually hear swearing all the way to the clubhouse.
Bunker Basics Guaranteed to get you off the beach
Most high handicap golfers get a real sweat on when they go into the bunker, even though getting out is basically
How to Get out of Bunkers
These steps will ensure that you have the right mechanics for getting out of bunkers. Once you've read these steps,
How to Play Bunker Shots
Fairway Bunkers: The fairway bunker shot can be an intimidating shot for many inexperienced golfers.
Getting Out Of The Rough
During the 1972 British Open at Muirfield, Scotland, Tony Jacklin and Lee Trevino attacked the 9th hole
Changing the Awkward Golf Shots Into Opportunities
For some of us golfers, this is something that happens to us more often that we would like.
Know Your Course-Hazardous Areas
Golf can be a pretty demanding game. This is because anyone who wants to be an expert golfer
Fix your Blocked Golf Shots with the Wall Drill
Problem: The player tends to let their lower-body slide horizontally. Result: The players hands get trapped
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