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What Is Dogfight In Golf?

by Joseph Hardison / September 2, 2021

A dog fight is a fun way to play golf over nine holes. You have a quota based on your handicap or previous scores, and you accumulate points using Stableford scoring in order to reach it.

In a quota league, players are awarded points for each hole. If your score is 12 and you have 14 points total that round, then it would be +2 (12-14 = -2). The player with the highest Plus/Minus wins.

This type of system makes competition fair because whether you win or lose depends on how well you do during play rather than luck alone. A downside to this format is fast pace; some golfers prefer slower rounds so they can pay attention to every shot as opposed to rushing through out of fear of losing their turn at teeing off first. If you are not holed in at a specified max score, then pick up and go to the next hole because no points can be won. It is also easy to establish a quota and understand how it is calculated.

During 9 holes, each player must shoot two independent scores and one team score. Therefore, players have the pressure of shooting the best individual score for every hole while also having to cooperate with their teammates on some shots during scrambles.

One of the best things about this tournament is that there are several divisions and you can win a prize in anyone. There are also circle holes on par 3s, where we play for longest putt per nine; so no matter how we do, it'll be fun because prizes will always come into play! Last week, my playing partner hit within the ring hole located at 8th par 3 green-winning them an awesome new golfing hat with their name stitched right across its front.

Dogfight is a league in which golfers must earn points and beat their quota. The golfer with the most points over their quota wins, while many leagues translate winnings into "Merit" points to track season standings. The golfer who beats their quota by the largest margin wins!

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