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How To Start Golf Swing With Lower Body?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 10, 2021

Golf is played with the golf swing, but there are many ways to perform this simple motion. The backswing should not be confused from what we do in our everyday life: turning around or swinging at an angle while facing away from where you want your targeted object/person (e..g., when walking).

The old saying "you don't hit a ball backwards" comes into play because if something has momentum going towards itself, it won't change direction easily without help--just think about throwing objects and seeing how far they go before catching up!

The Sequence For The Golf Swing

  1. A strong swing starts from the ground up. As you're still going back and forth with your upper body, then lower, it will start its downswing while maintaining pressure on that foot of lead which is crucial for setting up everything else in this technique-driven game called golf.
  2. The correct golf downswing sequence starts with a pressure shift to the lead leg, followed by an externally rotated trail arm that shallowly angles your club. Next, rotate the torso through impact and make sure the rod across the chest stays level or is pointed slightly downward while swinging. Hence, it's easier for visualization when practicing these complicated body positions on the Swing Align device.
  3. This is when you should feel the pressure building in your legs and shoulders. The trailing arm will be under the lead shoulder but not out of alignment with it; that's called a neutral spine angle for this step! Don't stand up or lean back at all--a slight downward slope (or level) on the Swing Align rod indicates that I've maintained my posture. 
  4. Maintaining good form while swinging creates momentum, making hitting easier hope these tips help make sure my golf swing isn't anything less than smooth.
  5. As your golf downswing continues and the club approaches a parallel position with ground ahead of you-your trail elbow should be close to the body. Your shoulders will level out as well; understanding this sequence through practice will do wonders in helping us improve.

A more substantial lower body will make you more consistent on the green. Efficiently using your legs in golf is vital for longer shots and more minor divots, so work those glutes!

To learn more about golf and golf swing, click here.

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