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Who Tees Off First In Golf?

On the first hole, players tee off in order of their scorecard ranking. Otherwise, they are decided by lot or ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 27, 2021

What Does Under Par Mean In Golf?

Par is the standard to which golfers aspire. Par 4 holes are typically more challenging than pars for 5 and ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 21, 2021

How To Start Golf Swing With Lower Body?

Golf is played with the golf swing, but there are many ways to perform this simple motion. The backswing should ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 10, 2021

What Is Up And Down In Golf?

Golf is a game which comes with a lot of different rules and terminologies. One is Up and Down.The up ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 4, 2021

The Complete Golf Swing Guide

Today we’re going to take you through the whole stage of the golf swing. This is going to be valuable ...
by Joseph HardisonApril 16, 2021
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