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Who Tees Off First In Golf?

On the first hole, players tee off in order of their scorecard ranking. Otherwise, they are decided by lot or ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 27, 2021

What Is An Ace In Golf Terms?

Aces are incredibly rare and exciting. To hit the ball into the hole in one shot requires both skillful plays ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 25, 2021

What Do The Colored Dots Mean On Ping Golf Clubs?

The Ping irons are stamped with dots to indicate the angle of each clubhead. This could be confusing for golfers, ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 24, 2021

What Does Under Par Mean In Golf?

Par is the standard to which golfers aspire. Par 4 holes are typically more challenging than pars for 5 and ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 21, 2021

What Is a Handicap In Golf?

Golf handicaps are a number that represents your golf skills based on past performances. The lower the better, with men ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 17, 2021

What Is A Golf Tee?

A golf tee is a small device used to prop up the ball during your first shot on every hole. ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 16, 2021

What Is The Best Wedge In Golf?

Figuring out the perfect golf wedge for you is crucial to improving your game from 100 yards and in. You ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 15, 2021

What Is The Average Golf Score For 18 Holes?

There is often debate about what the average golfer shoots. This answer depends on many different factors including skill level, ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 14, 2021

What Causes Shanks In The Golf Swing?

The most dreadful thing a golfer can experience is a shank. It ruins the confidence and makes people think that ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 12, 2021

How To Start Golf Swing With Lower Body?

Golf is played with the golf swing, but there are many ways to perform this simple motion. The backswing should ...
by Joseph HardisonSeptember 10, 2021
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