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Top 5 Important Driver Golf Tips

by Joseph Hardison / December 15, 2020

It’s no secret that most golfers on the planet want to have better accuracy and driving distance. Yes, putting will always be the key to success on the professional ranks, but as a beginner and/or an intermediate player, chances are you want to have the absolute confidence to smash it up on the tee.

In essence, there are several ways to improve distance and hit the greens consistently. You just have to take to heart the basic concepts that contribute to it.

With that, here are five tips on how to develop your golf drive.

Set Up Your Driver Differently


Let’s get this out of the way first: setting up to hit your driver is far different from what you would do with your iron. They require different swings, so treating them the same would be a huge mistake.

You should set up your driver in a way that you give yourself a chance to create speed and power. You want to have the ball in position, just inside your left heel, and approach it with a relatively wider stance than you would normally do. Furthermore, you want your body to tilt a little bit so you can open the golf ball and hit it more efficiently.

Don’t Just Rely on Your Arms


If you look at your body—power, mass, legs, torso—your core is going to create much more power than just your arms. Even if you have the strongest limbs in the world, if you only use your arms, it wouldn’t create speed. We often see a lot of golfers quite simply just swing a driver just kind of wafting their arms at the ball. Think about it this way: you need speed to produce power.

Make sure you turn in the body when you're hitting the driver. Your shoulders should be turning, as well as your hips to effectively create power from the ground. Basically, your arms are just following what your body allows it to do.

Even on the way down, ensure that the body and the hips are turning, the legs are working, and the torso is coming through. The arms should provide sort of that last-minute momentum for a really strong drive.

Hit at a Correct Launch Angle


Think about the club head coming into the golf ball. If the club head is coming down into the golf ball, you don't get the correct launch angle or the correct spin, which ultimately diminishes distance.

Ideally, you want to hit upwards, you want your golf club to move up into the ball. In simple terms, imagine the club head is a plane on the runway, it wants to be taking off into the ball as opposed to coming down onto it.

To allow you to do that the setup we talked about in number one is key. Also, as you come into the golf ball, allow your upper body still to be slightly tilted backwards, allowing your hips to turn. That way that club can hit up into the ball at the right angle.

Pick Up Maximum Speed Through the Golf Ball


As you're hitting the golf ball you want the club head speed to travel as fast as it can, because you want to create the best ball speed to get the best distance. Too many golfers come into the ball and almost have it weary, almost pulling their arms inwards towards the body and slowing down as they hit the sharp.

When you hit the driver, you want to make sure the club head speed is fast through the ball—and even post impact—and the arms are fully extending through the shot. This way, you're allowing your body to turn more effectively and create maximum speed.

Monitor Strike Locations


Even though drive heads are so much bigger, so much more forgiving, it’s still important to focus the center of the club face. One hack you could do to monitor your strike locations is to put powder spray on it and see where you hit the golf ball. Often, the best players in the world hit the middle of the clubface and create the maximum ball speed.

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