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What Degree Is A Gap Wedge Golf Club?

by Joseph Hardison / September 19, 2021

It's a truth universally acknowledged that your wedge lofts are all out of whack. But don't feel bad - you probably got them like this because manufacturers have been strengthening the lumps in their wedges for decades and while there are pros and cons, it means golfers need to pay more attention than usual when buying sets so as not to miss any shots close-in with short clubs rather than long ones. It pays off big time if we buy our equipment carefully: some good yardage gaps will give us better consistency on shorter finishing approaches or putting greens.

Gap Wedge

The gap wedge's loft depends on the brand and model of this club. Most gaps have 50-52 degree lofts, but some are as low or higher than yours in design degrees

A well-played golf shot with an Approach Wedge can help you make sure that your ball stays put near the water on any course.

The Use Of Gap Wedge

Golfers use their gap wedge to get that extra height on the ball when they need it most. It’s useful for making long putts from difficult distances, like uphill lies or greens surrounded by rough terrain where sand Wedges would be too short-sided and pitching ones wouldn't produce enough distance off of tee boxes in a good lie. The gap wedge is the perfect club for those times when you need just a little extra help getting your ball out of tough spots.


The gap wedge is often included in beginner, intermediate, and women's sets of clubs. Without it the golfing experience can be difficult for some players as they have found their pitching wedges too long but not far enough when using sand Wedge shots on particular holes - this leaves them with two options; carry both which many find unnecessary or purchase another club like an Iron from Adidas' 'AdiChair'.

Skilled golfers know that every little detail matters, so they always have a backup plan. If you're not quite sure where your shot will go in play and around the green then it pays to carry at least four different wedges just for those occasions.

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