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What Do The Colored Dots Mean On Ping Golf Clubs?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 24, 2021

The Ping irons are stamped with dots to indicate the angle of each clubhead. This could be confusing for golfers, as any type and color can be found in every line available on their range- but it does not mean they're all created equally! The significance of these markings is more than just cosmetic - different lofted or Lie Angle stamps will help you find your perfect swing weight regardless if it's high draw distance woodshedding specials that suit today.

The colors represent handedness: Blue (righty), Yellow( LH ) Pink/Redhanded grip pattern White Knob represents ambidexterity so that both righties or lefties may benefit from using one iron instead of separate models depending upon which side is dominant when hitting balls off-platform surfaces

The ideal color for your new irons will depend on two important measurements. The first is the height of a player, and the second is how far their wrists are from the ground when they are standing naturally. A golfer who has longer arms relative to his total height typically requires shafts that extend out at an angle closer than someone with shorter stature would need in order to avoid hitting shots over trees or into water hazards since there's simply less space available under our armpits! This process involves comparing colors against Ping’s chart found within pro shops selling clubs so as not only to find what suits you best but also to ensure compatibility across brands.

The Ping irons are available in three different levels of loft and each club has its own specific lie angle. The dots on the shaft identify how much it might be shifted, with 12 colors ranging from 3/4 degree flat to an upright 4 1⁄2" degrees.

How To Read The Color Code?

The PING color code chart is a quick way to find your perfect club. A 5'10" golfer with an average height, who has the measurement of 34 inches from wrist-to-floor would land on black dot section where they are suited for standard lie angle and shaft lengths; while someone shorter at only 32", falls under the red mark - which means these two-player types should choose 1° flat lies along with half-inch shorter clubs than what's needed if you're 6 feet or over!

A taller individual measuring 36 ¼ "from the inside edge ute driver grip pad will be found green Dots 2 ° upright.

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