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What Is A Golf Towel?

by Joseph Hardison / September 13, 2021

Golf towels are a must for the avid golf player. Golf balls often stick to grass, and you need something quick enough that can get rid of them before they turn into an actual ball! A towel is ideal because it has many uses on-course as well like drying off when wet from rain or mopping up a sweat after playing too close to home plate in summer heatwaves. Golf towels are small, lightweight, and foldable. They're perfect to use as a cleaning rag or when the course gets wet!

Golf Towels come equipped with everything needed: there's usually some sort of handle so they don't fall apart if picked up by mistake; different sizes mean every type will eventually find its way into your bag at one time or another. 

Uses Of a Golf Towel


The primary use of a towel for many seasoned golfers is cleaning their dirty clubs. A clean club can make all the difference in getting that next shot off without hesitation or pain, so it's important to keep up with them after each round - no matter what.


The dampness of your hands can have a huge effect on the quality and consistency of shots. A good solution for absorbing moisture, drying clubs and balls will help reduce the risk from rust building up in equipment as well!


Golfers love to carry their towels around the course, but some find it difficult. If you want a way for both wet and dry ones then separate holders are available so that they don't get mixed up with anything else in your bag.


The perfect golf towel is the one that fits you. When it comes to choosing a new pair, think about how much sun exposure or windy days are in your region and choose accordingly!

Material Of Golf Towels

A golf towel is a must-have for every player. They're designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, so you can keep it in your pocket or trunk at all times during the round. The material choice depends largely on individual preference - cotton offers moisture absorption while keeping things cool if they get wet; microfiber has improved durability over traditional cloths because its synthetic blend fabric which includes polyester with some nylon mixed into the mix helps resist snags caused from rough courses like weeds sticking out everywhere. 

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