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What Is a Handicap In Golf?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 17, 2021

Golf handicaps are a number that represents your golf skills based on past performances. The lower the better, with men currently ranging from zero to twenty-eight and women between zero and thirty-six.

Golf has been around for over 100 years and no one can honestly say they know all of its secrets. Golf handicaps have gone through many changes in that time, originally known as "handcuffs." Later renamed to what we now recognize them by today: Handicap systems were first created back in the 1800s when an Englishman named Henry Wilson wanted more structure among his friends who played golf at a club near London.


There are different ways to calculate your golf handicap. One way, the generic method is easier but less accurate than using USGA's official system which takes into account all aspects of gameplay including course difficulty, wind direction, and strength as well as a player’s ability within certain limitations such as height or weight. Let us show you how it works,

The Generic Handicap

How do you calculate your golf handicap? The classic way may not be as accurate, but it's easier than the official formula. Here’s how: take a look at how many strokes above or below par (that is to say 19) that number was for on average when compared with other similar clubs-in this case members of our own society who play regularly and enjoy themselves equally much; if their score came out 100 then they would have an accuracy rating close enough without having gone through all sortsa complicated maths.

The Official Handicap

The USGA's handicap system is a much more accurate way to calculate your golfing skills so that you can play with others around the same level as you. They recommend 12 established rounds, and these cannot be played over long periods of time; they must occur consistently in order for it to be an accurate calculation.

A golf handicap is a way to measure your skill level.  The formula includes the number of shots you've taken, where they are from (long or short), and any hazards of course; then it takes into account what type of clubs each person has used for comparison purposes--the higher quality equipment will give more advantage in determining one's score!

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