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What Is Hillbilly Golf?

by Joseph Hardison / September 7, 2021

A hillbilly golf game is a simple, fun pastime for you to relive your childhood with. Ladder ball, or monkey-ball as it's known in some circles, is a game where you throw bolas (two balls connected by string) onto the top few rungs of an aluminum ladder.

A fun lawn game called "monkey ball" can be enjoyed all across America this summer! If your state lacks its own name for the pastime then you may simply call it what everyone else does: Ladder Toss. The object of this game? To hurl bola (a pair of spherical objects tied together with cord and used to strike other targets) up at least five feet above ground level on one end, without hitting any part between them - before landing them neatly atop their respective rung again; like so much cotton.

How to play Hillbilly golf?

Before the game players must set a line 5 paces from their ladder and toss 15 feet away. This is called the official tossing spot, but most people use only five paces for children's games so they can get closer to play Ladder Golf in rounds of three throws each round with one coin toss per player or team deciding who goes first. The idea is that all 3 bolas are thrown before anyone else may throw theirs. 

For example, a player with 18 points needs 3 more to achieve the exact score of 21 in order to win. If that player has 5 on top of the ladder after all players have tossed their pieces and none count towards final scores, they will enter round two again needing those three extra points. In case of a tie between multiple people at one end- no matter how many ties there are or who is involved as long as it's within overtime rounds -the players must go into additional rounds until someone wins by 2 point margin over other participants/

Etiquette of the Game

The Hillbilly Golf rules say that during play, contestants should try to distract their opponents by making as many remarks and sounds as possible. Also touching the other player while tossing is not allowed and you cannot go up a ladder before completing your current round of play.

To win the game, a player must be the only one to score exactly 21 points after completion of one round. If you go over your point total for that round, those scores do not count!

An interesting fact about ladders is something you might not know if you haven't played this game before. Hillbilly Golf can be used for activities like team building. To learn about golf, and golf games, click here!

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