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What Is The Average Golf Score For 18 Holes?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 14, 2021

There is often debate about what the average golfer shoots. This answer depends on many different factors including skill level, gender, and age to name a few. Some golfers play often while others don't at all so it's difficult for anyone statistician or survey company to give you an accurate study of their game performance. 

The average amateur adult male has a Golf Scoring Average of around 100 strokes, which is close between 96 and 108. 

A recent study found that women's scores can differ by as much at 12 points from one another but still maintain an average rating closer to their male counterparts than what was previously known about female golfers' performance on par 3 holes - where many believed them capable only up until now to hit shots within 20 feet.

What Is A Good Golf Score?

Golf may be a game of skill, but it doesn't always come down to how well you play - sometimes luck has as much or more weight in deciding who wins and loses. A good score in golf is anything below 120 strokes. This figure can be higher than the average, but we're just talking about playing within your capabilities here.

What Is A Bad Golf Score?

There are no bad shots when playing since every stroke counts towards improving your game so don't feel ashamed or embarrassed by yours either; just use these scores as motivation for more practice which will lead down an exciting road ahead with higher numbers - meaning bigger gains than ever before. And most importantly: keep rising up from those failed attempts at 121+ strokes.

What Can Affect A Golf Score?

  • Course difficulty is one of the most important factors in determining your score. A good player will prefer courses with higher slope ratings and course-rated as they offer more challenging terrain for their advanced skill level.
  • The golf course is a very complex environment with variables that can change on any given day. Playing in the heat makes it easier for players, but when they get colder or wetter there are complications.
  • The expected strokes during any given round vary based on factors like experience or personal goal setting - so shooting better than average can mean getting closer toward improving those numbers without worrying about going overboard.

It's amazing to think that the average score for an 18-hole game of golf has barely changed in decades. According to a study by The National Golf Foundation, it hovers at about 100 points with no increase or decrease seen yet!

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