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What Is The Difference Between Men's And Women's Golf Clubs?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 8, 2021

Men's and women's clubs are created with the same engineering process, but there is a difference in how they're built. A men's club will have minor tweaks to account for body types, while a woman-specific design needs more flexibility and bigger sizes, so it fits comfortably around all parts of your being; this includes arm length measurements!

The Men's Club has been designed by professionals who know what makes up an effective workout plan - which means you can use these tools every day without worrying about getting hurt or overwhelmed.

The golf clubs for women are of exceptional quality and design. Women's equipment tends to be sleeker compared with that available in men's stores, so it complements the player well at every level, from beginner to professional.

Many people play this sport, but not everyone knows the difference between the clubs and also don’t know much about customized club fitting; here are some pointers to clear things up.


Women's golf clubs are usually between 1.5 inches and two inches shorter than a comparable men's club, but this varies depending on whether or not the woman is taller than 5-foot 9 inches in height. The average woman who weighs about 140 pounds (63kg) should choose men's sized woods if she wants her long drives measured at least 250 yards with an easy launch angle.


For women's golf clubs, it's always about graphite instead of men who can choose between steel or graphite. The reason behind this decision made by manufacturers has its roots in weight: they want you to hit better without feeling too heavy on your grip.


A golf club's weight is measured in grams. Most men's clubs are designed to be heavier than women's because, generally speaking, males tend to have more muscle mass and strength than females do on average.


The female clubheads used for women's clubs - driver through pitching wedges are usually slightly larger and lighter than male counterparts.


The size difference between the hands of men and women means that they have to make different club grips.

The clubs for ladies are generally smaller in length, while those designed with large palms will be thicker and longer than what you see on guys' bags or golf clubs at your local course's pro shop.

Golf was initially played by men only, and the clubs were only available according to it. There was no market for women's golf clubs. But now the world has changed, golf is enjoyed by both the genders which have developed the clubs' market. 

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