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Where Did Golf Come From?

by Joseph Hardison / September 24, 2020

The origins of golf have been debated endlessly over the years, but it's usually agreed that golf emerged in Scotland in the Middle Ages. And that means that we can trace golf's roots back to a game invented by people who lived centuries ago in Scotland. That's why it's sometimes referred to as Golf history. But where did golf come from?

Origin of Golf

The best explanation for golf's origin is probably the first one - the game of Go. Many golf fans point out that Go players have names that are very similar to those of the golfers who play the game today. And in fact, many of today's very famous golfers have surnames that can be traced back to yesterday's early Go players. And some of the more prominent names in the history of golf have very close connections with the game. So if it seems like a lot of players are related to golf, it's because many of them played Go at one time or another, and they share some common traits with today's game.

Go and golf was so closely related that golf itself borrowed Go's name, its ancient rival. A book that documents the history of Go and golf can be found on the Internet. It's called "Go and Golf" and it was written by Gordon Gill. In the book, he narrates how Go became golf and how the two games influenced each other.

Clues to the Origin of Golf

The other big clue that points to golf's origins is that the game has been part of the Olympics since 1878. And many of the players who've won the Olympic gold have at least some resemblance to some of the players who've won the other Olympics. That includes Jack Nicklaus, who was named after Nicklaus, the well-known American inventor. And Tiger Woods, who was named after Tiger, the famous American animal. And Robert Trent Jones, who was named after Robert Trent Jones, a noted Scottish golfer. And Ernie Els, who was named after Ernie Els, a well-known golf writer.

Golf as an Olympic Sport

Golf has also been part of the Olympics since 1908. And this time, the Olympics included golf as a game. So this time, the Olympics even had their golf team - the United States Golf Association. Today, the U.S. golf teams compete against the European teams and compete to win the most medals at the Olympics. This boosted the sport's popularity even more and has brought more golf enthusiasts over the years up to modern-day golf, which is played for the lowest number of strokes by an individual or the lowest score attained on the most individual holes in a whole round by an individual or team.

If there is a definitive answer to the question of how golf came to be, it's still up for debate. It might just be a simple fact that it's such a fascinating game to look back on and remember. But whatever or wherever it came from, we're glad to know it did come about and brought this sport for us to enjoy.

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