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Golfing Attire for Women: Tips on What to Wear on the Course

by Joseph Hardison / , February 3, 2021

Not sure what to wear on the golf course? Do not worry. By the end of this article, you will have a foolproof guide on what to wear on a private course, a public course, and a driving range.

Most of us recognize how golf can be intimidating at times. However, it is important to know that getting into the game requires baby steps—whether it concerns your game, your mentality, and even your style. 

Style Tips for a Private Golf Course

Plain and simple: when you are going out on a private course to play golf, you must have a collared shirt. If you are wearing a dress, that is perfectly fine. Sleeveless shirts are allowed as well, but make sure it is collared. Basically, as long as you have a collar on a private golf course, you are good to go.

Your pants, for its part, need to have four pockets on them. Definitely, no cargo pants with massive pockets on the side. In addition, you have to say “no” to denim, so, no jeans. Furthermore, if you are wearing shorts, it has to be appropriate.

Usually, they say one hand above your knee, and that is the length of shorts you should wear. Make sure they are not booty shorts, as those are not allowed (for obvious reasons). The rule of thumb, basically, in any kind of pants, is that it should have four pockets: two in the front, two in the back.

Some of you might be wondering, “how do I know the difference between a private course and a public course?” The first thing you must do if you have ever been invited to play golf is to go to their website. You can simply Google the name of the course and find out, as every golf course will tell you if they are private or public. And if they are private, they will have their dress code posted online for sure, which is why it is absolutely vital to watch the full video and go on the website of the course.

Fashion Guide for a Public Golf Course

So previously, we spoke about what to wear at a country club or a private golf course, now let us talk about what to wear at a public golf course. As you know, they are a lot more lenient on public golf courses than their posher counterparts. Having said this, that does not mean you go ahead and break all the golf dress code? A short answer would be “no.”

Whether private or public, denim is still a huge no-no, so do not bother wearing any. However, they will be a little bit more lenient in your shirt choice. For instance, if you have a nice clean white shirt with no collar, you might get by. But on the safe side, always wear a shirt with a collar on it, as this is acceptable on private or public courses.

We talked about pants in the previous section, two pockets in the front two in the back. On a public golf course, however, two pockets are acceptable. Still no booty shorts, so do not try it in any way, shape, or form. They might send you back.

Lastly, in terms of shoes, feel free to wear sneakers. The gold standard will always be golf shoes. Yes, some people wear sandals but do not be one of them. You must realize this early that wearing sandals on a public golf course—or just about any type of golf setting—is not cool.

Dress Code at the Driving Range

 Finally, let us talk about the dress code for women at the driving range. Some female golfers—especially those who are quite new to the sport—are uncertain about this. They are probably asking themselves: “Is there a dress rule there?” or “do I have to wear certain attire?” To put things plain and simple: there is absolutely no dress code at your local driving range.

You are welcome to wear whatever you would like, as long as it is within the realms of common decency of course. We highly recommend you wearing really comfortable, athletic clothes. That way you can really maximize and work on your swing, all while being nice and relaxed in there.

Also, flat shoes preferably sneakers would be ideal. Imagine one of your friends, family members, and/or clients has invited you out to either one of those nearby driving ranges. What do you wear? Well, we suggest you would wear extremely comfortable shoes. You do not want to sprain an ankle at a driving range.


Now you know exactly what to wear on private and public golf courses, as well as at the driving range, you have more time to focus on constantly improving different facets of your game. Be sure to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think about the topic and/or if you have any more fashion tips for female golfers.

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