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Golf Playing Tips And Secrets Every Amateur Golfer Should Know

If you are thinking about taking up the golf sport, you will need to learn the basics, get yourself a ...
by Joseph HardisonFebruary 25, 2022

The Complete Golf Swing Guide

Today we’re going to take you through the whole stage of the golf swing. This is going to be valuable ...
by Joseph HardisonFebruary 15, 2022

The Use of Golf Technology

Golfing technology has come so far since the early days of the game. From golfing toys to advanced golfing equipment, ...
by Joseph HardisonFebruary 12, 2022

Understanding the Technology of a Golf Ball

Golf balls. It is perhaps one of the most recognizable designs in all of sports. A simple golf ball is ...
by Joseph HardisonFebruary 15, 2021

How to Play Golf: Explaining the Basics of this Frustrating Yet Rewarding Club-and-Ball Sport

Does the game of golf frustrate you? On paper, it seems too complicated to understand even the basic rules of ...
by Joseph HardisonFebruary 11, 2021

The Advancements in Golf Technology

Whether it be a game-improvement technology, distance measuring devices, golf gadgets, simulators, video games, or teaching aids, golf technology now ...
by Joseph HardisonNovember 28, 2020
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