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How Much Is Pebble Beach Golf Course Worth?

by Joseph Hardison / September 26, 2021

Pebble Beach Golf Course is one of the most famous golf courses in history and it's no surprise that they are worth quite a bit.

A National Historic Landmark, Pebble Beach has been hosting championships since 1891 making this course more than just some old guy hitting balls around on green grass- it's an institution! With 24 holes total there isn't too much room left for error but with such beautiful scenery everywhere you look (including stunning views) who needs luck when every shot matters?

In 1999, Pebble Beach was on the market for sale. The historic California golf course had been up for auction four times within two decades and this year's venue--the U.S Open-was yet another opportunity to secure ownership of a piece of American history in its purest form; however, Peter Ueberroth wasn't going down without kicking some major ass.

The course has been sold for an amazing $820 million to a group of 132 investors and is closed in just 10 days! The owner, Ueberroth claims that other members include owners from MLB (Major League Baseball), NFL(National Football League) soccer franchises as well General Electric Pension Trust. Charles Schwab might also be among them but this rumor hasn't yet been confirmed by him or anyone else associated with the project.

The Pebble Beach Company is a dealmaker extraordinaire. In the last few months, they've raised their offer on shares valued between $8 million and 9 million up to a staggering 3.7 billion dollars! That means you're sitting pretty with some serious equity if invited into this exclusive club - all thanks in part because shares from today's closing increased by two and half times over what they were worth just six weeks ago (and that doesn't even include any profits).

A Day At Pebble Beach Golf Course

The perfect way to play at The Resort at Pebble Beach is an all-inclusive golf stay. With rates starting around $940 per night, guests can enjoy unlimited access and benefits like free transportation within the resort or complimentary rounds of tennis while they're here! But if you plan ahead by booking a guaranteed tee time 24 hours in advance for either one golfer plus caddie(s) ($575), two people sharing a double room with shared pool privileges ($895+taxes/tips), or three friends traveling together – there are plenty of affordable choices available from which your group will gravitate based off personality types: solo travelers wanting something rustic but not remote; couples looking forward.

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