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How To Create Lag In The Golf Swing?

by Joseph Hardison / September 9, 2021

When you talk about lag in golf, it’s generally referring to the angle between your left forearm and clubface as you swing down. When people say they lost their "lag," what happens is that this distance has been cut too short due to lack of precision with where things are going on each individual shot -- which leads us into all sorts of other problems such as loss-of-distance among others. 

Lag creates more swing speed by allowing the clubhead to reach its lowest point at just the right moment and will help you achieve consistent ball striking, which in turn leads not only to greater distances but also higher scores.

To create a lag in the golf swing, the following steps are essential:

  1. Place your left hand on the grip as you would with a normal iron shot. Then place it just below where there is no club head, but still in contact with yours for stability and power-generation purposes only.
  2. Take your posture and bring the club to its highest point. At this stage, you should be roughly at an angle of 90 degrees between leading arm and shaft with no bending or twisting!
  3. It’s important to lead with your lower body as you start the downswing. This will help create that pull feeling in one arm, which encourages a smooth motion for clubhead and ball alike.
  4. The lower body’s contribution to lag is key. The faster and more explosive the turn in your left leg, the easier it will be for you to lose momentum with a 90-degree angle between club shaft and arm leading up top as leverage becomes unattractive so keep that mind when trying new things!

Lag is not something to be overthought. Lag occurs as a byproduct of good body movements, and it’s important in order to maintain speed while hitting the ball further away from you with your clubs

A player should have some lag when swinging their golf club at full strength because this will help them hit longer shots without losing too much power along the way- though they don't want to make up work on what causes that slowing down near the contact point where energy must deposit before being converted into linear momentum!

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