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What Is Club Fitting?

by Joseph Hardison / September 3, 2021

Everyone, even the most elite golfers in the world such as Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy are always looking for ways to improve their games. Part of this is having a properly fit set of clubs that will maximize how much power is generated when they swing. Not only does it help with increasing distance but also stability and accuracy on where you hit your shots which can be vital in helping lower scores during an actual game or match! 

However, if someone has equipment that doesn't work with them then all those hours spent practicing could fall short at producing results due to playing poor quality equipment. Club fitting is a process that takes into account your own personal swing and creates custom clubs to suit it. 

What Is The Process Of Club Fitting?

Clubfitting is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to remember that the final product won’t solve all of your swing problems. Custom club fitting can reduce some of your flaws and improve accuracy but you still have to work hard on improving your technique.

Most independent golf equipment stores offer a free club fitting service if you go on to purchase a set of clubs afterward.

The only equipment you’ll want to focus on is your irons and woods during separate fitting sessions. These are the clubs that will have a direct impact on how well you play, so it makes sense to divide up your attention between them instead of trying out everything at once.

To pick the best club, go to a golf equipment store and try as many different makes and models of clubs as you like. Visually appealing at address will be your main focus when picking out which brand is right for you.

In sampling the clubs on a golf range, you'll find that certain models produce more consistent ball strikes than others. Don't discount appearances completely though - simply looking aesthetically appealing can inspire confidence over each shot. After whittling your selection down to 1-3 club options that seem most comfortable and perform best for you, arrange an appointment with a professional fitter or customizer of your choice!

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