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What Is Up And Down In Golf?

by Joseph Hardison / , September 4, 2021

Golf is a game which comes with a lot of different rules and terminologies. One is Up and Down.The up and down stat calculates the percent of time a player misses the green, but still makes par or better. This isn’t required to make an up and down because it doesn't require that you need to make par or better in order for your score not be counted as out-of-bounds. 

So if your ball lands anywhere within 30 yards of the hole, but not on the green and you subsequently get it into that same spot in 2 strokes or less then congratulations! You've successfully executed an "up and down"!

Up-and-downs are great in golf because they can mean that a player is saving their skin based on their ability to perform under pressure without having an amazing game. An up and down could equal par, bogey, birdie or eagle which means finishing the hole with minimal strokes possible.

Every shot counts in golf, so the closer you get to the hole the more important each shot becomes.. However, as you get closer to the hole your opportunity to recover from a poor shot continues to reduce until it's almost impossible for one bad stroke not to cost you or at least make winning difficult. For example if you hit a poor drive, there is still time afterwards where with good chips and putts will have another chance of recovering even though this rarely happens in professional tournaments because everyone plays so well but amateurs can benefit more from these opportunities which might be their only chance on that hole depending on how far away they are standing behind the ball before making each swing.

The up and down is the most important shot in golf because it can save a golfer from having a terrible score on any given hole. It's also the easiest shot to learn how to do well because all you have to do is hit the ball close enough for an easy putt or chip into the hole. You don't even need a good swing!

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