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What Should Be In My Golf Bag?

by Joseph Hardison / September 11, 2021

For many golfers, it's not just about their clubs. They need to consider what else they'll be taking on a round and how much time is spent waiting in line at registration or getting equipment checked before playing the course itself.

A golfer's bag is only as good as its contents. Make sure that you're prepared for the day by keeping these essentials in your golf tote when out on course:


14 Clubs:

The optimal number of clubs for golfers is 14. This ensures that each club can be used in a specific way and does not hinder your game by having too few or more than the legal amount, which would result from carrying fewer or additional items such as an extra putter because you are good at pitch shots.


One should always carry 3-4 balls in the golfer’s baf according to your expertise, you don't wanna run around looking around and asking for balls from other golfers.

Old balls:

Pack some extra old balls, they are handy for practice and keeps a company for you when you are bored.

Rain gear:

The weather on the course can be unpredictable, so it is always best to pack rain gear before hitting up a golf course. Make sure you have an umbrella or hoodie in case of storms and that your jacket has extra room because they are known for sudden downpours.


Have you ever been in a group round of golf, but found that every time someone hits their ball there is an argument about whose balls they are hitting because everyone uses the same type? Never worry again! Carrying around some marking tools like Sharpies or permanent markers will ensure you always know which club belongs to whom.

First aid kit:

You never know what might happen on the golf course, which is why it's a good idea to have some first aid supplies with you

Tee shirts:

Keep some extra tees to use it when needed on a sunny day.


Never forget to keep an extra glove in the bag!

Range finder:

In this day and age, you’re a step behind if you don't carry a rangefinder. Whether it's laser watches, GPS devices, or just an extra device to help with distances; ensure that your golf bag has one in order for accurate shots 

It will also allow players to dial in faster as they don't have any more time pacing out yardages from sprinkler heads

Divot repair tool:

Ball marks and divots are a big deal, so make sure you don’t leave the green full of them. A good rule on every course is to replace two ball marks while repairing others with your handy-dandy repair tool!

Golf rule book:

Knowledge is power. And with the official rules of golf, you can be sure that you have got everything covered for your game!

Golf is a game played with consistency and heart, so be prepared and bed the best!

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