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What Is A Golf Tee?

by Joseph Hardison / September 16, 2021

A golf tee is a small device used to prop up the ball during your first shot on every hole. It's typically made from wood and has been around since before 1900, when it was patented by one J G Spilsbury, a British inventor in London for his company named "The Kingdoctors".

The design of these things hasn't changed much over time; however they have gone through different processes like forming or cutting them depending upon their material usage- usually plastic now though because its more durable against wear than metal could ever hope to be.

The golf tee is typically a thin, wood or plastic peg that sits two to three inches off of the ground. The ball rests on top and must stay there during your round so it does not roll away into rough territory.

How A Golf Tee Is Used?

The golf tee is pushed down into the turf on the teeing ground, leaving a portion of it above ground. The ball is placed atop this device prior to playing your stroke so that you can take aim properly and hit it straight away from wherever you are standing.

Teeing Ground

A teeing ground on a golf course is that area from which you play your first stroke for each hole, it's where every round starts. In other words: The place where one "tee" offs. All the tees are pushed in the ground here. It's basically a start up point. 

Bes Golf Tees

Some of the best golf tees that should be considered are as follows:

Golfers have been using some form of tees since the 1700s, according to Scottish Golf History. However, it was not until 1868 that courses started having designated tee box areas with sand mounds. Tees are now an essential equipment to be used in the golf etiquettes and also a useful one. 

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